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Shine. YOU’RE the Sun.

You know that final bittersweet scene between Mer and Christina? Christina's final words to Mer were: "He's not the sun. YOU are." Welp. Isn't that the truth? You are the sun. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. And the next... Continue Reading →


Trust the Pixie Dust

Trust in the magic of your destiny.

Being an Outsider

When you've been trying to reach out to them for so long but you always get treated as the outsider. Maybe it's really too late to form the kind of relationship that we should have formed with them when we... Continue Reading →

Finding My Wings

My initial goal for joining the DICT-RIS Technical Training was to connect with a network of freelancers whom I could share experiences with. These were selfish goals. I was looking for a network of freelancers who knew what it was... Continue Reading →

I Just Launched a Start-up!

I am so excited to share with everyone my new gig: a digital start-up. A year ago, this was only a dream for me. Today, it is my reality. The path I took to get to this point wasn't easy,... Continue Reading →

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