Because the day of hearts is just around the corner, I decided to make my first blog post something that I wrote years ago. That was the first real heartbreak of my life..

(November 17, 2006 • )

It happens to all of us..somehow, at some point in our lives we make ourselves believe that there is such a thing as THE ONE. And then we realize just how wrong we have been.. for, as young as we are, we can never really be absolutely sure that the person to whom we have devoted our entire being to is the one we’re meant to share the rest of forever with. Trial and error is what we do. we go blindly from one try to another with fingers crossed and arms raised to the sky. And with each error we lose a part of ourselves..something that can never again be retreived. We mourn the loss, mope around maybe, learn a few lessons (or not), then eventually move on.. and the cycle begins anew..the endless searching, the hoping, the  dreaming..and then reality hits. hard.again.

When will it end? Maybe never. Maybe we were placed on this earth to keep struggling for a meaning to the life we pretend to live by constantly trying to give meaning to someone else’s..Maybe we were meant to struggle so that once we finally meet the one who comes close to being THE ONE, we will know how to fully appreciate the special gift we’ve been presented..maybe. just a lot of maybes..