The dawn of the 21st century has seen a lot of changes not only in the way that people do things, but also in the way we communicate. Even the field of dating has its own share of modern methods, and that is online dating. Online dating involves nothing more than posting personal information on the internet through an online dating site or any social media website. This makes it easy for single people to meet others who share the same interests and are looking for the same things that they are looking for.

Society’s gradual acceptance of people who are dating on the internet has given way to a full blossoming of the online dating industry. There are now hundreds of websites that offer online dating prospects to single people around the world. Which begs the question: Is online dating safe?

Just like in any endeavor, dating somebody on the internet has its pros and cons. The risks include:

– getting duped by con artists who created their

online dating profiles for the sole purpose of robbing

people off.
– setting unrealistic expectations that are, more

often than not, too high to be met by the date.

In a much broader sense, online dating has inadvertently turned the process of finding a life partner into something that is too casual.

However, we also have to consider the huge number of couples who met and dated on the internet, eventually got married, and are now living their own versions of happily ever after. These couples prove that online dating isn’t really the dating evil that a lot of pessimists tend to peg it as. I guess my point is, the good and the bad in online dating actually depends a lot on the people who engage in this process. After all, we make our own destinies. We can choose to be duped, just as much as we can choose to find true love. Regardless if it is through the internet or with the help of a few friends.