Not too long ago, before I embarked on this part of my journey, I decided to choose happiness. Because I understood that happiness is a choice. Because I understood that we can either choose to be angry or be happy when negative people attack us. I choose to be happy because I have a lot of good things going for me. Because I have the kind of stability in my relationship that only a well-loved and well-cared-for wife can ever have. Because I am secure in the knowledge that my husband would never cheat on me. And because I understand that they are bitter because they will never get to have this kind of knowledge or peace of mind in their relationships.

They can mock, judge me, ignore me, laugh at me. But in the end, I know I’d win because no matter what they do, they can never be me. I am me. And I choose to be who I am regardless of who or what they want me to be. They can celebrate their righteousness and show their disdain for my lack of it. But in the end, I know that we will both be judged accordingly and that the judgement on me would never include a degree of self-righteousness that only they can perfect. So I let them be. And I choose to be happy.

I keep quiet and let the bitter people talk and talk and talk becuase I understand exactly where they are coming from. Because I know that I was able to live the kind of life that they would never get to live in this lifetime because of all the bad decisions that have led them to where they currenty are. Because I know that no matter how short that stint in my life was, it is still there, and I can still live that kind of life again should I choose to in the future. So I let the bitter people wallow in their bitterness and their self-pity. Balato ko na sa kanila lahat ng negativity becuase I am way past that point in my life. Because I choose to be happy.So sue me.