Kitchie Nadal was among the women I looked up to back in my younger rebellious days. Her songs, among a list of a few others by Alanis Morissette and Pink, seemed like the perfect manifestations of what the me that I wanted to be when I grew up. And my, how her voice could captivate the audiences. However, Kitchie seemed to have gone into a downward spiral back in her glory days. I vividly remember watching her perform on a noon-time show. She was a total wreck and looked as if she was high on something. Her singing was still in tune but the words were garbled and at times the lyrics just drifted off into the realm of the unknown. Her eyes were glazed.

After that, I lost track of her because of lack of interest and lack of time. I grew up and finally accepted my being me without having to prove that I am what those singers were singing about. 

Then today, while trying to finish a set for my online freelance writing job, my kid turned the TV on. Imagine my surprise at seeing a cleaner, sober and more beautiful Kitchie Nadal. Her angelic face seems the same yet different. The years between today and that noon-time-show day seem to have been good to her because her aura possesses a quiet dignity, a maturity that wasn’t obvious back then. Her voice still has that same deep quality that goes falsetto every now and then that I came to love way back when we were both younger versions of ourselves.

In short, it’s nice to see Kitchie Nadal performing again. Yun lang. Throwback at its best.:p