I would like to share this link with everyone: http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/humanrights/resources/child.asp.

That link is a direct path that leads to the Rights of Every Child as drafted by the UN Convention. I am not an expert in interpreting the law, neither am I an expert on UN Conventions and the like. BUT, I am a mother and I can understand the gist of what the declaration on that link means: that every child, regardless of race, religion, color, etc, has the right to live in a secure environment. Every child has the right to play, to grow up healthy and strong, and to have a home.

This begs the question: is every Palestinian child able to enjoy his rights?

The social media world has been buzzing about the deaths of 4 Palestinian children who were killed while playing football on the beach in Gaza. What happened to their right to play?

And what is the UNICEF doing to ensure that its very own declaration remains in effect?

What rights can a child claim when he is living within an oppressesd society?