This spring, Just World Books will launch what it’s calling the “first book-length graphic work written/drawn in English by a Palestinian”:

baddawi-cover-12-30Author-artist Leila Abdul Razzaq is a Palestinian-American college student who’s been creating her illustrated work in installments at You can also follow the project on Facebook.

According to the publisher:

Baddawi is a charmingly told and beautifully illustrated collection of stories about the childhood and youth of a Palestinian refugee boy, Ahmad, who grew up in the Baddawi refugee camp of northern Lebanon in the 1970s. That was a time when the flames of civil strife engulfed all the residents of Lebanon…

Many of the stories were those Abdul Razzaq heard from her father when she was growing up.

The launch is currently set for April 7, most likely in Chicago. Then:

From Chicago, we’re hoping to take this talented young author and her work to many other locales…

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