I’ve seen a lot of wedding albums on Facebook that were tagged with dream fairytailish titles like “our happy ever after begins here..” etc.. I have always found myself laughing whenever I read those titles. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not laughing at the happy-ever-after couple, I just find their naivete so amusing.

Because they really have no idea what comes AFTER the happily ever after..they don’t know what I know after just 5 years of marriage..
..that it often takes more than just love to be happy.
..that sometimes, loving turns into an effort more than an emotion.
..that ever after can seem like a really long time to be spent with someone whom you just had a big fight with.
..that, unlike in fairytales, overcoming the obstacles doesn’t always end with true love’s kiss. Sometimes it ends with a celebratory dinner, though more often it ends w/ your first shut-eye in days.
..that love takes more effort to maintain than the make-up you wore on your wedding day.

And that you constantly have to remind yourself why this prince was better than the rest and why this ever after is way better than Shrek’s. Because if you don’t, then your ever after just might end where the real work of keeping a marriage begins.