My eyebrows haven’t been groomed for I don’t know how long..
Everyday, the thought crosses my mind that I really need to groom these brows today. And when that thought pops up while my hands are free, I run to go grab the grooming kit right away..and along the way I see..

..that the house hasn’t been swept since yesterday. So I go grab the broom and dust pan. Along the way I see..

..that the load of laundry I washed on Sunday still hasn’t been folded and sorted yet.. so I go fold and sort and put everything in the closet. While doing so I see..

..that the kids’ closet is topsy-turvy and needs sorting too. So I hurry up and put things in the right places. While I do this I see..

..that the kids’ toy box is totally empty. This means all their toys are lying around in some dark corner waiting to scare the hell out of people. Especially the big round-eyed dolls. So I rummage thru every nook and cranny, every space, down under the bed and the sofa.. while doing this I see..

..more and more things that need immediate attention.

This is why my eyebrows have been looking like a neanderthal’s for the past 3 years.

Which reminds me. I need to clean my toenails too. Gotta go grab the pedicure kit. And along the way I see…