Last week, my little family and I had a chance to escape from the city for an entire day. We went to this place:


That pool is located at the very top of a mountain. It is surrounded by trees and more mountains, with a few deep tree-filled ravines here and there.
My cousins and I went on an impromptu adventure up the mountain village where the resort was located 12 years ago. I was much younger then and filled with a zest for life that I now long to recapture.
On the day that I took my husband and kids there, the decision was also made quite spontaneously. The resort we had originally planned to go to was closed but it was near the vicinity of this mountain resort, i.e. it was located near the entrance to the dirt road that leads to here.
I didn’t wanna risk disappointing the kids (they were wearing their swimsuits underneath their travel clothes) just because one resort is closed.
So we took our motorbike up, and up, and up, and up on mostly paved but sometimes unpaved rocky rough road. It took us an hour and a half, much stopping, and finally hiring a sturdier motorcycle known as habal-habal to bring the kids and I to the top while my husband carefully navigated our motorbike through steep rough roads and dangerous mountain curves.
Not once did we ever consider turning back no matter how rough the road became or how steep.
And we were rewarded for our efforts. We had the resort all to ourselves that day. Bees were flying from one colorful flower to another. Butterflies, grashoppers, frogs, dragonflies were in abundance too. I had fun watching my urbanized kids squealing with fright whenever an insectcjased them on the pool or when a frog would block their paths. The pool was surrounded by big tall rare species of trees. Mating cicadas were singing all around. The air was cool, the sun was warm, and the pool water was fresh and ice cold.


It felt as if we were in an enchanted forest with fairies watching over us and nymphs frolicking in the water right by my kids.
It was a truly memorable day for all of us.

The same thing can be said of life. If your turn back just because one door has closed, then you fail to experience the wonderful journey towards reaching a more enchanting destination.


As Robert Frost once said “Two  roads diverged in a wood, And I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”