I’ve been ghostwriting for an online company for almost 4 years now. This became my career after I left my day job to care for my 2 kids. It has been a great 4 years. My kids are growing up to be healthy happy individuals who know their own minds. They are also quite obedient and are very affectionate. So I can say that in terms of being a mother, I was a success.


I can converse better w/ a 4yr old than a 40-yr old. That sums up my social life.
The only time I get to dress up is when the kids and I are playing dres-up.That sums up my life as a fashionista.
The only cold drink I get is a glass of juice or iced tea. That sums up my drinking life.
The only smoke I inhale comes from the fish grill or from the exhaust of passing vehicles. That sums up my life as a smoker.

But the smiles and hugs I get come from 2 of the most important people in the world. The of happiness for having accomplished something comes from knowing that I made the right choice. That sums up my life