Being a full-time mom means that you constantly have  to think of ways of keeping your children’s interest in the food that you serve them.
Gone are the days of eating out because I didn’t have time to cook  a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Now all I have is TIME to perfect my cooking skills.
Take this plate of fried rice for example:


It used to taste either too bland or too salty. There was always something missing. And the kids had to hand-fed just to eat it.
I’ve often wondered what I could do to make it taste better. I’ve always tried cooking it with the same exact ingredients that my mom used.
Then one day, inspiration struck. And I decided that, instead of using brand-new cooking oil, why not saute it on used oil instead?
The result was remarkable. The kids loved it! And they still do.
And this has the  added advantage of being cost-effective because I save a few cents on the cost of cooking oil.

I saute the garlic, onion, leftover boiled rice, seasoning, and a pinch  of salt in cooking oil that has been previously used for frying fish or chicken. That way, the rice would absorb the leftover taste of whatever meat was cooked on the oil, making is taste more delicious.
And there is one thing that my entire family loves the most: sauteeing boiled rice on the same pan that  was used for cooking chicken adobo on. We call it adobo rice.