First of all, I love to eat. So I have a LOT of comfort food. Well, basically, food IS my only source of comfort.
Which is why I’m grateful that my metabolism works really fast so I’ve never been overweight.
Back to topic. Sharing one of my favorite comfort food here:


Those are peanuts submerged in coke.
My sisters and I ised to have this game where we raced to finish all the nuts on the glass. So we drank and drank and drank the coke til our tummy’s were bloated.
I have just realized how unhealthy that is.
But still, it’s comforting for me.
And It helps me whenever I’m busy with my writing assignments. It is especially good if the nuts are spicy and there bits of chili floating on the coke. That gives me more angst to keep on writing. Lol!

So what’s your comfort food?