Whenever I come across the Facebook profile of an old flame, or even just some guy I used to admire in my younger days, I always end up asking questions: why didn’t you choose me? What does your wife/girlfriend/partner have that I didn’t?
I’ve only just realized the answer to my own questions.
That he didn’t choose me because I was meant to find and choose someone who best suits me.
He didn’t choose me because I was too young to understand that I didn’t need him to choose me.
He didn’t choose me coz I needed time to understand that I had to choose myself first.
And I thank God everyday that none of the guys I pined for didn’t choose me.
Coz if one of them did, then I wouldn’t have had the freedom to find the one man who never had the chance to choose me yet now loves me truly and deeply.
The one guy who doesn’t have to choose me. He just has to go on loving me. ♥♥

Everything does happen for a reason.