Nobody knows that it took you 6 whole hours of research to finish writing that relatively small-sized set.
Nobody knows that, once you were finally done, it was already 2am and you were the only living person left on that 24-hour internet shop.
Nobody knows that you had to walk all the way home because all the public transport vehicles in this city shut down at 10pm and you don’t want to risk flagging down that guy on the motorbike coz he just might turn out to be Freddie or Jason. Or she could be Carrie. Or they might be Carrie and Freddie out on a date. **chills**
Nobody knows that you had to call your sleeping husband a million times before he finally woke up so he could pick you up just when you’ve already walked several miles and is almost at the street that leads uphill to where your house is though you’re too scared of the enchanted beings living in that big tree at the entrance to the subdivision so you don’t wanna risk walking past it alone and in total darkness.
Nobody knows that you got home at 4am after that 2-hour exhausting walk alone in a deserted highway. Thank God the dogs decided to keep you company, barking and snarling at your heels along the way.
Nobody knows any of this. And frankly, nobody cares.
But then, before you went through all that, you were able to submit high-quality output.
And then the head honcho praised you for that output and rewarded you with more work.
So YOU know that you would be glad to do all that over and over again just to maintain the trust and esteem that your boss has bestowed on you. Oh yes you would.