I miss you.
I miss working late into the wee hours of the morning accompanied by the sweet music of your snores.
And I miss you getting up to check on me at 2am, urging me to go to bed and just forget about all those deadlines because my health is more important than anything else.
I miss finally putting all my work away, then creeping in beside you inadvertently waking you up from your deep slumber. Those are the times when we’ve built the the strongest foundations for our dreams.
I miss waking up at 11am to a thermos filled with hot water waiting for me to pour my first cup of the day.
I miss the way you kiss me before leaving the house, and then coming back to kiss me again three or four times because I said so.
I miss the way that my ears perk up at the sound of every approaching motorbike and finally hearing the unique sound that only your motorbike can produce.
I miss the way you play silly pranks on your kids, just because you’re bored.
Our laughter is never quite as sunny as when we share it with you.
I miss the way you’ve spoiled me and the kids so rotten that we can barely function without you anymore.
I guess we just have to re-acquaint ourselves with the self-reliance that we know we have yet throw away to the wind the moment you step in the door.
Each time you leave, I feel like my life is being torn into a million pieces that only your presence can glue back into shape.
Yet I know that distance is a necessity.
And I know that you miss everything about me just as much as I miss all of you.
It’s only been 2 nights since you left yet I feel the absence like a gaping hole that nothing can fill up.
I dread to imagine the next 10 months without you.
I miss you every second, every minute, every day.