One of the reasons why I am confident that God loves me is because, whenever I’m down at my lowest point, something ALWAYS happens quite unexpectedly to lift me up.  I may not be on my knees praying to  Him morning, noon, and night.. I may be remiss in my duty to teach my kids about religion.. But I know in my heart that God loves me. Even during the darkest days, when all I can say is ‘this,  too, shall pass’, I never lose my  faith in Him. Deep  down I always know that He is working behind the scenes. I know that He is pulling all the strings so that everything that  He has planned for my life would all fall into its proper place at   the proper time. In His time. Unlike some of my  relatives, I am not as religious. I am not as strict in following the teachings of our faith. Neither do I post things on social media that seek to enlighten others about my religion. This has often been a source of contention between me and my family. They think  that because I have not followed the same path that they’ve walked on, I have less faith in God. But what I  do not tell them is that I did not choose to be so different from them. And I do not tell them that I choose not to broadcast my beliefs in such blatant platforms as social media websites because my faith is  between me and my God. This is probably the first (and hopefully the last) time that I have ever written something of this nature on my blog. I only did this because, once again, He has given me an answer to my prayers in a way that I never expected or even asked for. I know my God loves me. Let’s all leave it at that. Jazzak Allahukhair. Allahu Akbar!