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You’ve probably tried laser tag, but you somehow failed to fully enjoy the experience. Well, the reason for that should be obvious – you barely made an impact (after all, the game’s still both fun and fascinating even if you’re on the losing end). If you’re worried that you’ll suffer the same fate, just remember that there are ways to significantly boost your chances of winning by simply changing what you wear. Read on to learn how to dress for success – in the game of laser tag.

  • Disappear in the Dark – there’s no better way to win than to blend into the darkness and shoot your opponents one by one. They won’t know exactly where and how they got tagged and so, they’ll have a hard time coming up with a way to effectively counter (or at the very least, survive) your next attack. However, the question here is, “What’s the best means of blending into the dimly-lit arena?” You’ll also have to consider the fact that there are blinking lights attached to you. You might be surprised that the answer lies in the color of your clothes.

As you’ve probably learned in school, bright colors tend to absorb light, meaning they have the potential to become more visible in the dark – they seem to develop this glowing effect whenever they’re near bright light. Now, dark colors do the opposite by repelling the rays away from their surface. They’ll remain hard to see inside the arena – even if they’re near those neon LEDs that you’re supposed to wear. Simply put, if you want to take full advantage of the darkness, you better wear something dark colored (a full-black outfit would be even better).

  • Move Like the Wind – what you wear is important. So, aside from paying attention to your clothes, you need to think about your choice of shoes. Simply put, there’s no place for fashion when it comes to winning in laser tag. You have to wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers. If you have the budget to invest in a new pair, it’d be best to go for cross-training shoes. They’re ideal since you’ll be moving in all directions (and since you really don’t have to run a lot while playing laser tag).

Aside from providing comfort, cross-training shoes support both forward and lateral movement. That means you won’t have any trouble if there’s a sudden need to turn or hide. The right grip also plays a role in allowing you to carry out quick bursts of motion. If your shoes have too much grip, you could end up slipping and injuring yourself. The same could be said for those with grips that are way too slippery. By the way, the rule about color and light applies to shoes as well. Hopefully it’s perfectly acceptable for you to grab cross-training shoes that are entirely in black.

Once you have the right attire, you’re ready to establish your dominance. Show your friends (and your enemies) who the real king of laser tag is. Before you invite them though, be sure to visit www.lazerxtreme.com.ph for the latest rates and schedules – especially if none of you have played in quite a while.

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