Hi Guys. Sharing this guest post by Andy Reyes on here. Feel free to share your thoughts. And have a great weekend!! 🙂

Concluding a very toxic week, I found myself craving for some McDonald’s burgers to maybe give me some comfort and possibly feel like a pat on the back to tell myself I made it through. So I tried to get in touch with a few friends and see if they were free to grab a bite and maybe catch up. Being the ever-so-present internet user, I decided to send them a message through Viber. Lo and behold! McDonald’s sticker pack – as if the universe knew exactly what I needed! LOL

Now what do you do after you feel the digital universe is in tune with you? You take these cute li’l stickers out for a spin.

Mcdo 1

We gotta admit, instant messaging has been super convenient for communications that it’s being used by a lot of people. But whoever said these apps should be drab and plain like normal text messaging? Take Viber for example. It’s been around a couple of years and has been one of the most used apps in the country that allows people to get in touch with friends and family here and abroad. Stickers make it more fun to use and maybe even say things that typewritten words could not express when plainly written. Like what? Like these…

Mcdo 2

It got me thinking though… You don’t need to be a certain age to enjoy a messaging app like this. I say bring out your inner kid and use those features. So what if you’re sporting an age past the digits in the calendar? It’s about how you feel about yourself. And these stickers keep the mood light and hip. To be curious is just the first step to discovering something new and amazing. I actually tried using these stickers while I was chatting with my son, and well… we had fun! Chalk it up to happy experience, I’m keeping this pack on my Viber for life. haha

The McDonald’s Love Ko ‘To sticker pack is absolutely free to download from Viber – which both mobile and desktop users can enjoy. It’s also available on the PicoCandy for Messenger app.

Mcdo 3

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