Collage 2016-01-23 21_27_01

This 2016, I’ll experience life.
I’ll watch the sun as it sinks in the sky
or maybe go planking,
or maybe go swim.
I’ll dip my toes in
or maybe my head.
Hang a spoon on my nose
or maybe go for a ride.
Pretend I’m a warrior
or hang out in a slide.
It’s 2016, so go climb a tree.
But before you do that,
here’s a kiss from us three!


#ExperienceLife. That’s the official 2016 tagline of the online company that I’m freelancing for.

At the moment, there is an ongoing Scavenger Hunt competition wherein we writers were given a series of tasks. These tasks were designed to ensure that we learn how to experience life to the fullest instead of staying stuck on our seats all day staring at our computers.

That photo collage is one of the missions that we had to accomplish.