DSC_0019My daughter just made me realize that I’ve been spending way too much time in front of the computer lately.

I asked her to draw a portrait of me. This is what she drew.

So I promised myself I’m going to get out of this chair more often to play with my kids..

to share meals with them the way we used to and to ask them how their day went.

It was just so easy to neglect that simple routine when school ended 2 weeks ago. Because why would I have to ask them about their day when they have in fact spent it at home where I could see every move and hear every argument? But asking a kid how her day went isn’t really about the answer. It’s about the way that you show her you are interested in her life. That you care what happens to her. That her stories matter.

And I also promised that..

We’re going on adventures again. Because that’s what summer is for.

We’re going on dates.

We’re gonna go watch a movie.

I’m going to be a mother again.