live within your means

You don’t have to keep borrowing money from friends and loan sharks just to buy new (and often quite expensive) clothing. Clothes cover the same parts regardless of how much or how little they cost.

You don’t have to borrow money just to treat your friends to a meal at a fancy restaurant. Real friends can laugh with you, cry with you, be with you, even if you’re only feasting on street food and 8 0z bottles of soda.

You don’t have to borrow money just to buy a new phone when the phone you’re currently using was purchased mere months ago. Owning the latest model of iPhone or Samsung gadgets isn’t the primary basis for judging a person’s worth. Because these gadgets are worth so much less than your dignity.

You really don’t have to go broke just for people to appreciate you. Because only the dumb ones would.

Live within your means. Especially if the money that you’re spending isn’t even your own.


*photo lifted from Google images.