Technically, this isn’t an artwork. It’s just a photo of my older kid (in green shirt) and her bestfriend.

She hasn’t had the time or the interest to create works of art today. She’s been too busy making and flying kits. So far, they’ve only been successful at launching one kite, the first one they both made the other day. But, nothing can stop them. They’re gonna keep trying until the end of summer. Because what else would they be doing?

After all, summertime is all about kite-flying and running wild and only remembering to smile at your mother for the 10 seconds it takes you to get inside and grab a drink of water. Then bang! The fridge is closed and you’re off again to God knows where, forget that clingy mother who wants a kiss or a hug or a cuddle.

Ah, childhood. Freedom. Summertime.