I think my one most favorite time of the day is the evening. That’s when the kids take a bath together. That’s also when some of their funniest moments and their most ingenuous pranks (that are usually directed at me) happen. They spend almost an hour in there playing and laughing and doing God knows what.

So tonight, I heard squishing sounds. This could only mean one thing: they brought loads of toys into the bathroom again. I expressly forbid them to do this because the toys often end up in places where it doesn’t belong.

In an annoyed voice I called out to them “What’s that squishing sound?”

Both kids automatically answered “Nothing mom. We were just trying to make some animal sounds.” And then they proceeded to make fake squishing sounds that didn’t quite match the sound that I initially heard. lol!

I know exactly what I’m gonna find littering the bathroom floor later when I have my bath: