There’s been a lot happening in the country lately.

  1. Fires ravaging several major universities.
  2. A bomb threat on another university.
  3. Fires ravaging  two mountains that are major tourist destinations: Mt Apo and Mt Kitanglad.
  4. A total blackout at the NAIA Terminal 3 that caused the delay of at least 66 flights.

But the biggest hit of all is what happened in Kidapawan City on Friday and what is still happening there to this day. Farmers gathered on a stretch of national road to protest the lack of assistance from the government. They are hungry. Their families are hungry. The drought has been killing their livelihoods, their sources of income.

But instead of helping them, the local government deemed it proper to shoot them down instead.

And the national government doesn’t seem to give a f*ck about any of it.

The president has been dead quiet, allowing his minions to speak for him. His people are in need. We are hurting. We are all afraid. Yet how does he deal with it? By hiding inside the tiled walls of his presidential palace. Well, what else can we expect from somebody who also kept quiet while farmers were being massacred in Hacienda Luisita? That happened while he was sitting in the palace. That happened in his family’s ancestral lands. Did he care? Apparently not.

But even when there is a hierarchy that needs to be followed. Even when the local governments bear full responsibility for cleaning up their own mess. Even so. He is the president. Mere words of assurances from him would matter a great deal. His PRESENCE matters. He is the father of this country. And a true loving, caring father knows when to just be THERE  for his children. He doesn’t even have to say a word. He just has to be there.

I am utterly, woefully ashamed of this president. I am woefully ashamed of this government. But I can never bring myself to say that I am ashamed of this country. After all, it is my country. I have been fighting for it in the only way I know how: by influencing my social media contacts to make wise choices.

And I am in tears because I feel so helpless, so powerless. There is nothing that I can do to make things right. Except to vote. But I am only one vote. And based on ancient history, my one vote would never count against the manipulations of those who are in power to keep themselves and their cronies in power. So what do I do? What can we do to change the status quo?