the elderly

A recent announcement regarding the case of the Kidapawan farmers states that the bail has been lowered from P12,000 (USD$260) to just P2,000 (USD$43.48) . Bail reduced to P2000

Where’s the logic in that? Where’s the compassion. Where is the humanity??

Logic: P2,000 is enough to feed a family of four for 1 week if they were to splurge on first-class rice and cook 2 or 3 varieties of viands per meal with meals served 3 times a day. But it can be made to last for up to a month by a family who is used to hunger and can manage to simply eat just one meal per day. The rice doesn’t have to be of the first-class variety. Sometimes, the viand would only consist of a pack if instant noodles or a can of sardines. The point is, an impoverished family can make it last.

So if I were a farmer who is so desperate to feed my hungry family that I join a rally just to get the government’s attention, where in the world would I get that amount of cash? And if I did have it, would I even bother joining the rally in the first place? If, for some reason, somebody gave me that money right here right now while I’m in jail, would I waste it on bail or would I send it home to the kids so that they don’t die of hunger?

Then the investigation conducted by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) bears proof that the elderly and a few pregnant women are among those who were arrested. Again, where is the humanity, the compassion, the logic? What kind of public service is this if the government that is supposed to uplift these people is the same one that mows their faces down on the dirt with an iron boot?

Naturally, the pregnant women and the elderly people are worried. Their main concern is: Where are we gonna get the money to pay bail? An elderly who was interviewed even said “If I had P2,000 then I wouldn’t be here in the first place”. This is how the Philippine Gov’t cares for the pregnant and the elderly

Logic, Mr. President. Logic, Governor Mendoza. Logic, compassion, humility. That is the essence of true public service. Unfortunately, these are also the very same values that you do not possess.

This is also why I’ve come to hate a president that I actually campaigned for during the 2010 presidential elections.