9 years ago, i gave birth to one of God’s most perfect creations. All I could think of as I was staring at her beet-red face was how perfect she was, how beautiful and how much I loved her. Finally I had someone of my own to love and to care for. She made me understand the true meaning of unconditional love. A mother’s love for her daughter. And as she grows, she continues to teach me so many things that I never would’ve learned on my own.

Who says parents are the ones who teach their kids? None of us, adults, actually realize that it is our kids who teach us the true meaning of our lives. They teach us our purpose. And our only job is to listen to the beating of their hearts. 

Happy birthday to my girl, my bonita, my love. My eldest child. May you have everything you ever wish for. I will never wish for you not to be hurt. I only wish that you learn how to deal with the pain and move on and be stronger for it. Mama’s just here, baby girl. Mama’s gonna be with you wherever you go.I love you.