A new president is bound to be declared some time soon. Despite the surveys and the mass of people that converged at each of the candidates’ rallies, it is still uncertain as to who’d win. The race is tight and everyone’s at the edge of their seats.
But one thing is for certain: You, Mr Aquino, are on your way out. This is your last hurrah as the leader of this country.
I would like to congratulate you sir. Job well done.
You have managed to single-handedly take down your parents’ legacy. In the 6 years that you sat in this country’s highest office, you have managed to mire your parents’ good name, the Aquino name, in so much blood. Shall I enumerate sir? I guess I don’t have to since everyone is well aware of all the senseless deaths. You have been so effective in leading this country that every time you open your mouth, people start drifting farther away from you. You have been so effective in showing how much you care for the poor that every single farmer, every single fisherman, every single sidewalk vendor, every person who desperately ekes out a living is now giving his last centavo to voluntarily campaign for a man whom you have summarily dismissed as a nobody.
One Nation, One Flag. That should be the idea that you try to espouse Mr. President. That is the ideology that your parents fought for, isn’t it? Democracy. That is what your father died for. Yet you have managed to employ such divisive strategies in your bid to get your candidate to win. You have been trying to unceremoniously shove him down our throats even when none of us want to have anything to do with him. Your parents must be turning over in their graves right now. Or they may already have grown tired of doing that after your first 2 years in Malacañang.
You wonder why millions of people are supporting a ‘dictator’, a crass, foul-mouthed thug, a man whom your supporters have labelled in so many degrading and elitist ways. You, sir, have no idea what it feels to be hungry. You have no idea what it feels to not have job security. You have no idea whatsoever how it feels to have sleepless nights wondering where the next meal would come from. I have to stop myself on this line of thought. Because I’ve just realized that I have fallen victim to the ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ mentality again. I am using the ‘You’ against ‘Me’ argument.
Us vs Them. Nowadays, it has become so easy for Filipinos to fall into that line of thought. Us, the marginalized, the poor, the hungry, the ignored and neglected sector of society. Them with their luxury cars and weekends abroad and their diplomas from the country’s top schools and their thousands, if not millions, of pesos in the bank. That’s how divided this nation is, sir. Not once have I heard you call for unity. Not even in the face of the worst tragedies that befell our country. Especially not then.
Congratulations, Mr President. Because your Haciendero-type of leadership has also managed to bring a good man down. Several good men actually. CJ Corona, for one. And Mar Roxas as well. Roxas, who has an exemplary track record in government, is so buried under all of your dirty politics that he’d be lucky to get out of it with his dignity intact. To be honest, he was my choice for vice-president in 2010. I was impressed by his credentials. Yet, being the good man that he is, he chose to stay by your side through all the years of bad leadership. That, for me, was his downfall.
So yeah, give yourself a pat on the back Mr President. Job well done.
P.s. D po pala kayo nag iisa sa paghatak ng pangalan ng mga magulang nyo into all that godawful mud that it’s stuck in right now. Your brat of a sister, you know the one who doesn’t have an ounce of delicadeza in her body? She did her part as well. Oh wait. D po pala ako pwedeng magbitaw ng kahit na anong masakit na salita against her. After all, she IS paying millions in taxes. Nakakahiya naman sa kanya at sa pera nya. You can go ahead and tell her to her to shove it up her you-know-where. Good riddance to the both of you.