So I found the time to watch a movie this afternoon. It’s a Filipino movie titled Just the 3 of Us and stars two of the biggest names in Philippine Cinema today.  It’s the first movie that I’ve watched in full for the past few months. And no, this isn’t a review or anything. Well, maybe it is. Though it’s also more an expression of how the movie affected me in ways that I didn’t expect.

For starters, I love how Jennylyn Mercado effectively portrayed the role of a desperate mom-to-be who had to weigh a lot of options. She ended up swallowing her pride for the sake of the child she was carrying. Kumapit sya sa patalim. I cried on most of those scenes. The tears weren’t simply because naawa ako sa kanya, but mostly because somehow naka-relate ako ng beri beri slight..

Being a first-time mom, albeit by ‘accident’. Too scared to let your parents know about your condition. Having no other options but to rely on your friends for help. Those are very real scenes that happen in real life. It happened to me. The circumstances were different, syempre. But the roller-coaster of emotions, the confusion, the desperation. Those are real. And Jennylyn Mercado brought all that to life.

Now this girl is not a newcomer in showbiz. Pumasok na sya sa radar ko from the moment she joined Starstruck. But I’ve only just recently admitted my admiration for her after watching all of her recent movies. Sya ang nagdala sa English Only Please. IMO, her acting saved that movie from disaster. But in Just the 3 of Us, her acting was at par with that of the incomparable JLC.

Taena yung eksenang iniyakan ni JLC si Ser Chief. Ngawa ang lola mo don. But not because I can relate. I just find watching a man cry real manly tears so sad. Nakakadala yung eksena.

Tsaka syempre yung chemistry. That love scene, the real one in the bedroom not the one in bathroom. That scene evokes memories of passion shared with a loved one. Kahit napaka-chaste ng kisses nila when taken againts Hollywood standards. But you can really see that the two characters were savoring that moment. They were into that moment. They were, in all sense: making love.

I guess this is an ode of sorts to two actors that I have always loved watching. Thank you for giving us this film.

Just the 3 of us