Don’t believe everything that the media tells you. 95% of that information is fed to them by the people whose toes President Duterte stepped on in his fight to rid this country of all the rotten tomatoes.

There is a real change happening in this country right now. Do NOT allow yourself to be used as tool to derail that change. We, the people of the Philippines, are smart enough to know when our leaders are feedings us bullshit. For the past 6 years, that’s what the Aquino administration gave us: complete and utter bullshit.

Now that things are finally changing for the better, do NOT in any way try to meddle. Especially if you NOTHING about the real state of things here. Focus on cleaning your own backyard. There are enough crime in your own country to rally about. Oh, and your country has done enough crimes against humanity for the past decade. So puh-leeze. Stop the hypocrisy. Get down from the moral high ground from which you stand.