As I related on this post: Individuality: Raising 2 Types of Princesses  my eldest always had a unique taste in clothes, toys, interests, hobbies, etc. So nobody expected her to conform to the norm for yesterday’s school event, least of all me. But then I got her to agree to the transformation. And boy, did she turn out to be a stunner!

And boy did she stun everyone on my Facebook feed too.

There were loads of comments about her good looks thanks to the full-on make-up, hair extensions, ball gown, and the whole she-bang.

There were also loads of comments from well-meaning people that ‘hopefully this would be the beginning’. The beginning of what?

Of a complete 360 from a basketball-playing-baseball-cap-wearing-tomboy into a girly-girl. And I’m like, ew. God, NO. Please.

I know those comments mean well, mostly because they fear for her soul. But then I’m not exactly a staunch follower of any religion so I firmly believe that her soul is safer if she remains true to who she is. God made her that way.

Also, I honestly don’t see anything wrong with how my daughter behaves or chooses to clothe herself. She is who she is. God made her that way.

I just hope that they won’t say that to her face. I don’t want my daughter to feel like she is less of a person just because she’s different. I don’t want her to think that she’s not beautiful just because she doesn’t wear dresses. She doesn’t deserve to feel like she’s not accepted just because she absolutely has no patience for girl-talk or girl-stuff. Heck, I don’t have patience for that crap either. In my opinion, she is more special than everyone else combined. Because SHE IS DIFFERENT.