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Native Food: Daral

It's merienda time! I'll be feasting on this yummy native Tausug delicacy. It's called Daral and it has been a favorite of mine since childhood. I'm not quite sure what the wrapper is made of. It's not exactly a fresh... Continue Reading →


One Truth about Healthy Eating I learned from my Kids

I don’t really care about all the rhetoric on healthy eating, whole foods, and all that stuff. There is just one truth that I stick to in regard to food: the body has a way of letting you know what... Continue Reading →

A Tasty Twist to Plain Old Fried Rice

Being a full-time mom means that you constantly have  to think of ways of keeping your children's interest in the food that you serve them. Gone are the days of eating out because I didn't have time to cook  a... Continue Reading →

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