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She’s Different. God Made Her That Way.

As I related on this post: Individuality: Raising 2 Types of Princesses¬† my eldest always had a unique taste in clothes, toys, interests, hobbies, etc. So nobody expected her to conform to the norm for yesterday's school event, least of... Continue Reading →

My Kids are Growing Up So Fast I Can Barely Keep Up

Today, I couldn't stop staring at my daughter. It's one those days when you suddenly realize that your kids are slowly slipping out of your grasp. But then you also know you have to let go because your job is... Continue Reading →

On Grief and What Ifs

Losing someone you care about deeply can be really tough. Now I understand why people who are grieving tend to blame themselves regardless of how hard the people around them try to convince them that they are blameless. Because you... Continue Reading →

Sunday Afternoons…

This is how Sunday afternoons should be spent... #experiencelife

The Lost Boy of Hokkaido

For days now, I have been closely following a news story about a missing 7-year old boy in Japan.¬†Apparently, his parents forced him to get out of the car in the middle of the forest and they then drove off.... Continue Reading →

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