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He Loves You..BUT

He loves you but when did he last make you feel beautiful? He loves you but when did he last ask what makes you happy? He loves you but when did he last place your needs on top? He loves... Continue Reading →


You Who’s Unloved

He loves you. Then he leaves you alone to deal with your demons. The demons are all in your head, but yours is a head that rules your entire self.   You are lost. Seeking comfort in the darkness. In... Continue Reading →


The Daily Prompt: Frivolous "Have you been to that new mall?" She asks "Yes. I got this bag for a really low price" You answer. "Oh, look! What an elegant pair of shoes!" You exclaim "I have one just like... Continue Reading →

Clandestine Thoughts

In response to the Daily Prompt: Edge you live along the edges of my thoughts, where I can get a glimpse and not be caught staring.


  This 2016, I'll experience life. I'll watch the sun as it sinks in the sky or maybe go planking, or maybe go swim. I'll dip my toes in or maybe my head. Hang a spoon on my nose or... Continue Reading →

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