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Catharsis: Fighting My Way Out of Depression

Have you ever held your newborn infant in your arms, rocking her gently to sleep while rivers of tears were falling for no apparent reason? Have you ever felt such irrational anger that nothing and no one could pacify? Have... Continue Reading →


Walking the Freelancing Road Alone

I've tried so many times to recommend online freelancing to my friends, especially fellow stay-at-home moms. I helped them get in, I taught them the ins and outs, I advised them as much as I could. I advised them what... Continue Reading →


There's a sad, angry, twisted, miserable, unloved little monster inside of me, trying to escape. I know when, where, how, and why it comes out. Time and time again, I've tried to keep it tightly locked up. I have succeeded... Continue Reading →


Love is not about counting what you've done, but doing what counts.

She’s Different. God Made Her That Way.

As I related on this post: Individuality: Raising 2 Types of Princesses¬† my eldest always had a unique taste in clothes, toys, interests, hobbies, etc. So nobody expected her to conform to the norm for yesterday's school event, least of... Continue Reading →

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