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My Kids are Growing Up So Fast I Can Barely Keep Up

Today, I couldn't stop staring at my daughter. It's one those days when you suddenly realize that your kids are slowly slipping out of your grasp. But then you also know you have to let go because your job is... Continue Reading →


Field Trip

“Finally, my friends, we got this right.
We put a great man in Malacañang.”

And those who say that this is a mistake are blinded by their arrogance.


It was supposed to just be a simple meet and greet at 8:30pm. My expectations were real simple. We would line up in a crowd of 500, shake his hand and have a group photo. That was it.

Then I thought my little band of renegade loons would be ushered out of the gates of Malacañang, all flushed and giggly. Then we’d be on our merry way to some bar where we could rehash in slow mo the magical moment we shook his hand and how he smiled at us and said, “Hello ma’am.”

Instead we were told we would be served dinner after meeting the president. And then we were ushered into a hushed, stately room with 7 elegantly upholstered seats on each side with each of our names on a name tag so we knew where to sit and one regal chair for Da Man up front.


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Darkness and Light

When the darkness starts to seep in Please come and save me. No, I don't need pretty words, All I need are your shoulders.   My mind. My mind. It's breaking. These thoughts. These thoughts. They're too bleak.   I... Continue Reading →

On Grief and What Ifs

Losing someone you care about deeply can be really tough. Now I understand why people who are grieving tend to blame themselves regardless of how hard the people around them try to convince them that they are blameless. Because you... Continue Reading →

For the Motherland

Lately, I have been the butt of jokes by friends and acquaintances. This is due to my wholehearted, unquestionable support for the current President. I don't owe them any explanations. And if I can be bothered to give an explanation... Continue Reading →

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