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Trust the Pixie Dust

Trust in the magic of your destiny.


I Just Launched a Start-up!

I am so excited to share with everyone my new gig: a digital start-up. A year ago, this was only a dream for me. Today, it is my reality. The path I took to get to this point wasn't easy,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Afternoons…

This is how Sunday afternoons should be spent... #experiencelife

Family Day

Just some photos that I took at our family bonding time today. I guess we really needed to do this after that harrowing week we've had. That little furball is our new dog, Cobey. There was a strict "no pets... Continue Reading →

My Cat Decided I didn’t have to Work

So I decided to bring my laptop to the patio so I can get some fresh air while working. But then my cat decided that I really didn't need to work at all. He decided that we¬†could just sit there... Continue Reading →

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