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Sunday Afternoons…

This is how Sunday afternoons should be spent... #experiencelife


Family Day

Just some photos that I took at our family bonding time today. I guess we really needed to do this after that harrowing week we've had. That little furball is our new dog, Cobey. There was a strict "no pets... Continue Reading →

My Cat Decided I didn’t have to Work

So I decided to bring my laptop to the patio so I can get some fresh air while working. But then my cat decided that I really didn't need to work at all. He decided that we¬†could just sit there... Continue Reading →

Working on an Anthology Project

A fellow freelancer came up with the idea of creating an anthology. Some of us really liked his pitch and immediately jumped in. Because this means we will no longer be just copywriters anymore. We will finally be seen, our... Continue Reading →

Art of the Day: Summertime Fun

Technically, this isn't an artwork. It's just a photo of my older kid (in green shirt) and her bestfriend. She hasn't had the time or the interest to create works of art today. She's been too busy making and flying... Continue Reading →

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